After Your Audition

Offers are made to successful applicants via CUKAS Track, which outlines details of the programme offered with any conditions.

  • To access CUKAS Track you will need the login details you used to make your application
  • You will receive an email notification to inform you that updated information is available on CUKAS Track
  • In addition to the offer posted on CUKAS Track, the RCM will send a confirmatory email with further information
  • Successful applicants can accept their offer via CUKAS Track

The RCM aims to inform applicants of the outcome of the audition as soon after the audition period as possible. 

  • Applicants who audition in London in December should hear before Christmas.
  • Applicants auditioning overseas or in February should hear within two weeks of audition

Applicants being offered scholarships will receive notification from the RCM.

To ensure we can reach you by mail, email or telephone (including over the Christmas period), it is important that you keep your contact details up-to-date on CUKAS Track.

Successful applicants who have accepted offers of places will then be contacted during the summer about Registration and Induction Week. 

Consultation Lessons

If you are offered a place by the RCM and would welcome guidance about your choice of professor, please contact the relevant Head of Faculty at the RCM who will be happy to advise.

You may also wish to have a consultation lesson with a prospective professor. Your Head of Faculty is best placed to advise you on this and will be able to put you in touch with the relevant professor.  You can contact your Head of Faculty directly, or e-mail the appropriate Faculty e-mail address.

There is normally a charge of £70 for a consultation lesson (but this may vary), which is conducted in the professor’s own time. This charge is payable directly to the professor.

The RCM offers online consultation lessons for prospective applicants to the Masters Programme in Composition for Screen and to those who are reapplying. Further details are available from the Area Leader in Postgraduate Composition for Screen, Vasco Hexel