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MSc in Performance Science

This course is one year full-time/two years part-time.

Drawing on the expertise and facilities of the RCM Centre for Performance Science – as well as the lively performance environment of the College and of London – the aim of this newly designed and innovative programme is to enable you to develop a robust understanding of the science of musical performance, while gaining the critical and analytical skills necessary to conduct high quality practical work and independent research in this field.

The programme benefits anyone who is motivated to gain a scientific understanding of how music is performed, taught, created, and perceived, including performers and educators aiming to progress their current careers through continued professional development. Equally, the programme serves as an ideal base for those wishing to pursue doctoral research and/or teaching in performance science, music psychology, or musicians’ health, or in any area in which knowledge of scientific methods and techniques would be an advantage.

The programme challenges students to examine the physical and mental demands of practising and per forming in real-world performance, educational and professional contexts through taught units on the Psychology of Performance, Musicians' Health and Wellbeing, and Musical Development.

There are also units on Research Methods and a seminar series which keeps abreast of the latest developments in performance science.

Students complete a research project, applying knowledge and experience informed and shaped by practical, theoretical and ethical considerations. Assessment is a combination of coursework essays, oral presentations, written examinations, and an in-depth independent research project.

* For further details, please see the programme website www.rcm.ac.uk/msc or contact Professor Aaron Williamon, Head of the Centre for Performance Science at awilliamon@rcm.ac.uk.