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Mihailo Trandafilovski

Introducing Elements of Contemporary Music in the Process of Violin Teaching 

DMus 2006

The research presented in this thesis provides support for the nature of the musical language characterising the submitted collection of compositions. Cekori is a set of 38 studies and/or concert pieces, ranging in difficulty from beginners' level to virtuosic, in which elements of contemporary music are introduced alongside aspects of violin technique in a progressive sequence. 

The written thesis component investigates the validity of the claim that there need not be any separation between traditional teaching methods based on the tonal system and the introduction of contemporary (and Twentieth Century) music in the process of musical education and instrumental training. The issue in this case is specifically addressed in relation to violin teaching. The implication arising from this is that elements of contemporary music can be introduced from the very beginning and consistently applied throughout the pedagogical process. It is hoped that such an approach would eventually result in a more educated and appreciative attitude towards contemporary music than might otherwise be the case.

A review of literature on psychology of music as related to musical development leads to the conclusion that children are in many ways capable of processing much more complex musical information than commonly assumed. Experimental and cross-cultural evidence is offered demonstrating that both 'musical universals' and socio-cultural influences are essential in musical perception and production. Collections and teaching methods incorporating elements of Twentieth Century and contemporary music as well as some influential violin teaching systems are also reviewed. In addition, personal research is presented which supports relevant aspects. Finally, links between the written thesis and the musical material in Cekori are highlighted. 

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