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Please click on the links below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about Graduation.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

What happens if I miss the deadline to confirm my attendance at Graduation?

After the deadline the seating plans for the ceremonies will be fixed. We will make every effort to accommodate you if you respond late, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. 

To avoid problems, please ensure that you confirm your attendance before the deadline.

Should I confirm my attendance even if I don’t know my results yet?

Yes, you must confirm your intention to attend by the deadline, as results for all students will only be published after the Board of Examiners sits during the week before Graduation. In the (hopefully very unlikely!) event that you do not pass your course, the RCM will cancel your place at Graduation and refund any guest tickets ordered.


What happens if I have a late assessment and will miss the main Board of Examiners?

You should confirm your attendance by the deadline as normal. Provided your assessment will take place in time for the Board of Examiners to approve your results before the ceremony, you should still be able to attend Graduation. 

However, if your results are not confirmed by the time the Graduation Programme goes to press (generally a week before the ceremony), you should be aware that it may not be possible for your name to be printed in it. If you think this may affect you, you can discuss your situation with the Academic Registrar, Elly Taylor, or the International & Admissions Manager, Nicola Peacock.

If you have a very late or deferred assessment and it is not possible for your results to be confirmed in time, you will be invited to attend next year’s Graduation ceremony.

What happens if I miss the deadline to order guest tickets?

After the deadline Box Office staff will review whether any tickets are left. 

If there are remaining tickets they will be offered to students who wish to purchase additional tickets. Therefore, if you miss the deadline it is highly unlikely that we will be able to accommodate your guests, so it is very important that you book your guest tickets before the deadline.

Why is there a limit on the number of guests I can bring?

There is only limited capacity the Britten Theatre and Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall. To ensure all graduands who are attending have the chance to bring at least one or two guests, there is a maximum allowance of two guest tickets per graduand. If places remain we will give graduands the chance to purchase additional tickets, but this will depend on uptake and is not guaranteed.

What if I want to bring an additional guest?

Guest tickets are limited to a maximum of two per graduand attending. After the deadline passes for purchasing guest tickets, Box Office staff will review whether any tickets are remaining. 

If there are remaining tickets, the Box Office will release these for sale to graduands who wish to purchase additional tickets.

However, it should be highlighted that there is no guarantee that there will be additional tickets available. If there are additional tickets, they are likely to be few in number, so you should not rely on this or make firm travel plans.

To enable additional family members, or relatives who cannot travel from overseas, to view the Ceremonies, the RCM intends to stream them live on the website. 

I am not attending the Ceremony. Can I buy guest tickets and give them to a friend so they can bring extra guests?

No. Only graduands who have already confirmed their attendance can purchase guest tickets, otherwise this might mean that there would not be enough seats available for all the students who are attending the ceremony. It would be very unfair if one graduand had four guests and another could not being any. For the same reason, if you only require one guest ticket you should not purchase an extra ticket and pass it to a friend.

Box Office staff will be closely monitoring who has purchased guest tickets and will only sell them to graduands who have already confirmed their attendance at the Ceremony (or their guests).

What happens if I can't collect my gown on Thursday?

Wherever possible you should collect your gown on the day before Graduation. However, if this is really not possible, for example because you finished your course the previous year and you will not be in London on the Thursday, you will be able to do this on the morning of Graduation. 

There is no need to notify Northams regarding late collection of your gown.

Please see gown hire for further details.

Is it possible to attend the reception without attending the Ceremony?

Unfortunately not. Due to fire regulations numbers have to be restricted, and we are not able to issue additional tickets for the reception only.

Some of my friends are in the other Ceremony. Can I choose to go to that ceremony/reception instead?

No, it is only possible to graduate with your classmates on your course.

I am getting my photo taken on Wednesday 4 July, but gown collection only starts on Thursday 5 July. How do I get a gown?

The gown supplier is sending one of each type of gown for the photographer to use on Wednesday, so a gown will be available for you to wear in your photo. You can then collect your own gown as normal on Thursday.

I am not available to get my photo taken on Wednesday or Thursday. Can I do this on Friday instead?

Due to the need to photograph both Ceremonies, the photographer will not be running a session on Friday, so you must come on Wednesday 4 or Thursday 5 July. If this is completely impossible, you can contact him on to see whether he can make a special arrangement for you, but this is not guaranteed.

Can my guests take photographs during the Ceremony?

We ask that guests do not take photographs using a flash during the Ceremony itself. However, you are welcome to take as many photographs as you wish during the reception.

What do I do if I have a question about Graduation?

You should find all the information you need on these pages, so please read them thoroughly. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question here, you can contact us.


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