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Susanne Simma

BA, Mperf

In 2012, Austrian- born bassoonist Susanne Simma graduated from the Royal College of Music with a Master of Performance degree. Her studies were generously supported by the Lions Club Vorarlberg and a scholarship of the “Impuls Privatstiftung.” For her final year, Susanne was awarded the prestigious “Leverhulme Orchestral Mentorship”.

For her undergraduate study at the Mozarteum Salzburg/Landeskonservatorium Vorarlberg, Susanne studied with Allen Smith and Irina Puryshinskaja and was twice awarded a scholarship given to talented musicians from the county Vorarlberg before graduating with distinction in 2010. She has participated in masterclasses with many eminent bassoonists such as Richard Galler, David Seidel, Lyndon Watts, Daniel Jemison and Alexander Meyrick and Martin Gatt. Recent highlight includes an invitation to participate in the Banff Masterclasses 2016 under the tutelage of the renowned bassoonist Frank Morelli. Her stay was kindly supported by a Career Development Bursary by Help Musicians UK.

Susanne is much in demand as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician. In 2011 she was selected as an RCM Rising Star and has performed the Vivaldi Concerto in B flat Major with the Southbank Sinfonia at various venues, as well as the Concerto for Bassoon by Mozart and a modern bassoon composition Fantasy for a Blue Bassoon, written by Gernot Wolfgang. Susanne has been performing with orchestras such as Southbank Sinfonia, BBC Concert Orchestra, Bath Philharmonia as well as being a member of the Sinfonieorchester Vorarlberg. Chamber music has always been a passion and after having worked with established groups such as Le Concert Impromptu, Susanne co – founded her own group, the Ellis Ensemble.

Susanne has a keen interest in combining performing with teaching and is very interested in all the research supporting musicians in their profession. She has published a book on Mental Training in the Akademieverlag, Germany, and has successfully gained a place in the “Master of Performance Science” study at RCM for 2016/17.

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