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Petur Jonasson

Pétur Jónasson holds an MSc in Performance Science from the Royal College of Music.  His research focuses on the early visual memorisation processes of complex/contemporary music. Having studied classical guitar in Mexico and Spain he is an active performer of contemporary music both as a soloist and a member of the London-based Riot Ensemble and the Icelandic CAPUT Ensemble. Pétur is currently Head of classical guitar studies at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and co-chair of the 2017 International Symposium on Performance Science. He is also co-author of the CPS’s “In Sync” research project on remote ensemble performance using the LOLA software and technology.   Publications   Jónasson, P. & Lisboa, T. (2016). Shifting the paradigm: contemporary music, curriculum changes and the role of professional musicians as researchers. Proceedings of the 21st International Seminar of the ISME Commission on the Education of the Professional Musician, 20-23 July, 2016, 78-91. St. Andrews: Scotland.  Under review: Jónasson, P. & Lisboa, T. (2017). The professional musician as researcher: Leadership in practice. In D. Bennett, J. Rowley and D. Lebler (Eds.), Leadership in Higher Education. London: Routledge.    

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