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Erin McHugh

Erin is an RCM Scholar supported by a Douglas Hay Award and a Lucy Ann-Jones Award. She has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the college since 2016.  An opera singer herself, Erin's research interests span the fields of opera, aesthetics, and gender studies.  Erin's PhD thesis, 'The Vocality of the Dramatic Soprano Voice' explores the connections between early twentieth century gender politics and the vocal identities of the female characters in the early operas of Richard Strauss. She has presented papers at the 2015 and 2017 RMA student conferences as well as the 2014 'Music on Stage' conference at Rose Bruford College.  In addition to her interest in musicology, Erin is passionate about museums and public engagement in the arts. She has worked at the RCM Museum of Music since 2013, leading guided tours and curating digital exhibitions. 

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Erin McHugh

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