Music for String Quartet and Voice

The RCM continued its exploration of music and emigration with a series of concerts in the RCM's Britten Theatre and at the Goethe Institute in Paris in April 2013. The programme featured works by émigré composers through that most personal compositional medium, the string quartet.

The concerts presented compositions for voice and string quartet by four Viennese composers who escaped from Nazi persecution and settled in exile in Britain, the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Also on the programme was Westerbork Letters by French composer Olivier Greif, whose father was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The programme and performers:

Anna Rajah, Katy Coventry, Céline Laly soprano
Luke Williams baritone
Park Quartet, Gemeaux Quartet & Matteo Quartet

Wellesz Sonette der Elisabeth Barrett-Browning
Weigl 5 Songs for soprano and string quartet
Toch Poems to Martha
Tintner The Ellipse
Greif Lettres de Westerbork
Wellesz The Leaden and the Golden Echo

Other activities:

In addition to the two concerts, Louis Fima (Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris) held two masterclasses and George Zeisel (Artistic Director of ProQuartet), Volker Ahmels (coordinator of the Esther project) Professor Gerold Gruber (Exil Arte Vienna) and Norbert Meyn (RCM) gave a pre-concert talk at the Royal College of Music.

In France, Heime Müller (Artemis Quartett , professor for violin, Hochschule Lübeck, ProQuartet) and Norbert Meyn (RCM) gave a masterclass at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and a pre-concert talk at the Goethe Institute.

The project was a co-production with ProQuartet Paris, the leading organisation promoting and nurturing professional string quartets in France, and made possible by the Esther project.

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