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Matthias Hofs

By the age of six, Matthias Höfs declared the trumpet his instrument, “because it shines so nicely”. He received his musical education from Professor Peter Kallensee at Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, as well as from Professor Konradin Groth at the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. At just eighteen years old, Höfs was already engaged as solo-trumpeter at the Philharmonic State Orchestra in Hamburg, where he enjoyed the fascinating world of opera for sixteen years.

At the same time, Höfs became a member of the German Brass Ensemble, with whom he continues to achieve worldwide successes. Since their first joint concert in 1985, he has been writing costumized and innovative arrangements for his colleagues and himself, which span more than one genre and continue to inspire the world of brass.

Matthias Höfs always proved to be a pioneering spirit by consistently widening the horizon of his instrument. These continuous developments are encouraged by a close cooperation with other composers, who feel themselves inspired by his incomparable virtuosity and joy of experimentation. He is “trumpet ambassador” in his home state of Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany and works in co-operation with local instrument makers Max and Heinrich Thein.

Since 2000 Matthias Höfs has been teaching as a Professor at Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, where he continues to inspire his students with enthusiasm, passion for his instrument and great knowledge. In addition to his extensive concert performances as solo-trumpeter and chamber musician, Höfs recorded numerous solom albums, as well as over twenty recordings with German Brass.

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