Access, Disability and Equal Opportunites

We welcome talented musicians from all backgrounds, regardless of financial means, social or cultural background, or ethnicity. We award places strictly on merit, and current students come from a wide range of backgrounds bringing with them a diversity of experience that enriches the working life of the RCM community. Our policy is to combat prejudice or discrimination in any form, particularly that derived from differences in race, gender, sexuality or disability.

Equal Opportunities Policy (32 kb)

How we comply with the Equality Act (336 kb)

Access & Participation Plan 2019/20 (239 kb)

Access Agreement 2018/19 (270 kb)

Access Agreement 2017/18 (198 kb)

Access Agreement 2016/17 (193 kb)

Access Agreement 2015/16 (529 kb)

Access Agreement 2014/15 (507 kb)

Equal Pay Review 2012 (92 kb)

Age Equality Policy (44 kb)

Disability Statement (36 kb)

Disability Symbol (1,347 kb)

Disability Good Practice - a handbook for disabled students at the RCM (288 kb)

Code of Practice on the Selection of Staff – REF 2014 (2,436 kb)

Mental Health Policy (392 kb)

Recruitment of Ex offenders (21 kb)

Access and Engagement Framework (99 kb)

RCM Summer Music

RCM Summer Music offers a taste of conservatoire life to young people from a wide range of backgrounds. They participate in an intensive programme of activity including creative music-making, improvisation, research, performance, concert visits and social events. RCM students are fully involved in the running of these courses, acting not only as musicians and animateurs but also as buddies and mentors to the participants.

Support for Applicants

Our annual Open Day and regular tours provide opportunities for prospective students to receive advice and support from staff and students about College life and preparing for audition.

Aiming Higher

Our outreach projects are designed to encourage young people to aim higher in music. Our Education and Outreach programme RCM Sparks - generously supported by David Ross Foundation - takes interactive music-making into schools and other areas of the community. 

Continuing Development

The RCM’s Junior Department provides specialised training on Saturdays for talented students from years 4-18. Bursary support is provided on a needs basis. The Junior Department hosts a special programme for visually impaired musicians.  

Opening Doors

Thousands of individuals and groups each year attend the 250+ free events – concerts, masterclasses, workshops, lectures, pre-concert talks and discussions at the College and other venues.

Hands-on Experience

The RCM’s gamelan is one of many resources available to the community, with special GSCE workshops designed for Years 10 and 11.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships are available to try to ensure that no one with talent is excluded from study at the RCM on financial grounds alone. This guiding principle dates back to the foundation of the RCM in 1882, when scholarships were offered to ensure access for the very best students regardless of means.

No Barriers

All students and staff at the RCM are valued and treated equally irrespective of disability, gender or ethnicity.

The RCM welcomes and encourages the participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of College life, and has particular experience in supporting students with dyslexia and visual impairment.

The RCM’s Disability Statement is available on this website or, if you prefer, copies can be provided in large print, braille or audio.

If you are thinking of applying to the RCM and would like to discuss any of your needs, for the audition or for your studies, you can contact the Student Services Manager on +44 (0)20 7591 4316 or

Widening Participation Strategic Assessment (776 kb)

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