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Gulu Brass Project 2012

Monday 25 July 2011


In 2012, a group of RCM musicians are heading to Uganda to take part in a very special project.

Since its formation at the Royal College of Music in 2001, Majestic Brass has established itself as one of the finest young brass ensembles in the UK.  The dynamic group of musicians is comfortable in any musical environment, whether on the concert platform or in an education workshop their enthusiasm and unique style wows the audiences.

Now they are teaming up with Hinchley Wood Secondary School and African Revival (an organisation that believes in the power of education to change lives), to take an exciting workshop and performance based project to the Gulu Police Primary School, Northern Uganda in August 2012.

The project has been devised to give some 2,000 pupils their first taste of western music plus the chance to have a go at playing a musical instrument. For a lucky 30 there will also be intensive instrument lessons.

By the end of the two week project the primary school children will have enough basic understanding and skills to be able to form their own beginner Brass Band. However, the aim is for this project to leave a long-lasting legacy within the community, so Majestic Brass will also work with local musicians, giving them the necessary skills to continue tuition and carry out basic instrument maintenance. The Gulu Police Primary was recently connected to the internet and through Skype the band will continue its support of the musicians.

To bring off this ambitious project, Majestic Brass are looking for supporters. If you want to find out more about how you could become involved, please call Paul Munday on 07747 846460 or Mike Poyser on 07793 490936, or email