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A Summer of Progress

Thursday 18 September 2014


Staff and students returning to the RCM after the summer break have noticed a number of improvements.

The process of replacing the RCM’s student accommodation with a brand-new £44 million hall of residence is underway.  Built and managed by Campus Living Villages, Prince Consort Village will provide high-quality accommodation for around 400 students and will include 23 purpose-built practice rooms.

As part of our plans to improve our practice facilities, RCM students can make use of eight additional state-of-the-art practice rooms in a new temporary building which was erected in the courtyard at Prince Consort Road over the summer (pictured).

The practice rooms are already being used by RCM students who have been impressed with the facilities, with RCM violinist Mun Jeong Kim saying that they are “very well soundproofed so you don’t get distracted by others’ playing” and cellist Kieran Carter praising their “good acoustics and decent size”. The rooms will be further adjusted next summer, based on feedback from students and staff, before being relocated to the Ziff Suite in the South Building.

Facilities in the South Building have also been refurbished as part of the RCM’s commitment to improving the building’s environmental performance. New water saving devices, LED lighting and an energy saving mechanical plant have been installed, funded by a Government Revolving Green Fund.

The RCM’s commitment to providing the best possible environment for students, visitors and staff will continue in the coming months and years.