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Thursday 18 July 2013



RCM composer Kate Simko has joined forces with multi-disciplinary artist Bruno Levy to release an innovative new audio-visual work.

Crystals, which was released on Vimeo on 1 July and is available to view now, combines visual footage of the microscopic evolution of crystals with orchestral music. This synthesis of classical music, cutting-edge technology and art “highlights the rhythmic nature of the evolution of crystals and matter, and takes us on a short journey that combines the beauty of nature and live instruments with technology and interactive art”.

The final video - which was named 'Staff Pick' on Vimeo, and has since received over 20,000 views - includes footage of a live performance of Crystals, which took place as part of the in the RCM’s Composition for Screen Showcase in the Britten Theatre in April. Kate performed electronics alongside an ensemble of twenty RCM musicians conducted by fellow RCM composer Pierre O’Reilly, while Bruno Levy triggered live visual effects.

Kate Simko has carved an international career as an electronic musician, film composer, and DJ. She is currently studying on the RCM’s renowned Composition for Screen course. Taught by staff active as screen composers, this programme emphasises a practical approach to screen music and attracts the most talented young film composers from all around the world.