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Practice Room Improvements

Wednesday 2 October 2013


A number of improvements have been made to RCM facilities over the summer break.

As well as the new reflective panels in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, two practice rooms LG12 and 102 have been completely refurbished and redecorated. New dimmer lights in the ceilings, acoustic floor panels, air conditioning units and more mirrors have improved their aesthetic and acoustic qualities. In Room LG12, which is regularly used for group teaching, a new lectern and smart board have also been added.

These new rooms are prototypes as part of the overall estate strategy to refurbish all rooms in the Blomfield building. Before work on the rooms was started, the RCM’s estates team spoke to students, staff and acoustic experts for their views on the current facilities and how they could be improved.

So far these new facilities have been very well-received: trumpeter Ben Edwards has said that LG12 is a “great sized room, with lovely acoustics. It’s really nice to play in, especially for a brass player.”  Ryan Linham, a member of Kensington Brass, stated that the renovation has made “a big difference”.

The RCM’s commitment to providing the best possible environment for students, visitors and staff will continue in the coming months and years – keep an eye on the website for details.