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The application deadline for live auditions in New York passed on 1 November 2021. Late applications may still be considered for auditions by video.

Video pre-screening is in operation at this venue

Check this page for updates

We are planning to hold live auditions in New York in 2022, although arrangements may be subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Applicants who would prefer not to travel because of coronavirus may submit a video audition instead.

Some auditions are not available in New York for 2022 entry

Candidates for the following principal studies cannot audition at this venue:

  • Composition
  • Composition for Screen
  • Conducting
  • Organ
  • Percussion
  • Historical instruments

Candidates for the following courses cannot audition/interview at this location:

  • Master of Science in Performance Science
  • Master of Education
  • Artist Diploma in Opera
  • Doctor of Music
  • Doctor of Philosophy

New York audition fees - 2022 entry

  • Joint principal study (only available to BMus students): £160
  • All other candidates: £115

Audition dates in New York for 2022 entry

New York auditions will be held on 27 and 28 January 2022.

Video pre-screening for performers for 2022 entry

Performers auditioning at the RCM’s overseas audition venues are subject to a two-stage assessment process: 

Step 1: applicants submit their application on UCAS Conservatoires and a pre-screening audition video for assessment by the Faculty. Videos must be submitted by the application deadline for your application to be valid.

Step 2: applicants short-listed by the panel are invited to attend a live audition.

If you have already submitted a pre-screening video and you are no longer able to attend a live audition at one of our overseas venues, or if the RCM decides it cannot hold live auditions at your chosen venue, your pre-screening video will be used as your video audition. You will not need to submit another video. Video auditions are assessed on the basis of the video submission and UCAS Conservatoires application; in some instances applicants may also be asked to participate in an online interview.

Preparing and submitting pre-screening videos

Audition venue in New York for 2022 entry

New York auditions will be held at the DiMenna Centre, New York City.

Accompanists in New York for 2022 entry

If you require an accompanist and cannot bring your own the RCM can provide an accompanist for you. You do not normally need to let us know whether you need an accompanist or to provide copies of the music in advance. Please remember to bring a hard copy of the music for the accompanist, digital music is not permitted.

Consideration for scholarships in New York for 2022 entry

Applicants will be considered for scholarships as well as places. Eligibility for scholarships is based on merit, which is determined by performance at audition or the strength of portfolio and interview for composers. There is no need to submit a separate application.