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Guidance for current RCMJD students

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RCMJD face-to-face teaching and other activities have now resumed on campus with protective measures in place. Our curriculum will be fully in-person for practical activities, including lessons, and ensemble rehearsals. We have many opportunities for student performances within our performance programme.

Everyone who plans to come to campus should have a Covid-19 test before entering the College. Members of the RCMJD community are expected to participate in free twice-weekly testing, either via their schools, by using home-testing kits available to all students and staff, or at one of many local testing centres.

Our main priority is to keep all at the RCM safe and healthy. Wearing a face mask continued to be expected, especially while moving around the building and in communal areas (such as the café), as well as during class-based activities where practical. Enhanced protective measures (such as ventilation, sanitising and cleaning) continue to be in place around all buildings.

Latest Covid-19 updates from the RCM

The RCM has plans in place for a number of scenarios including coronavirus cases on campus and changing government restrictions. The following plans are in line with guidance from the UK Government.

RCM students, RCM Junior Department students, professors and staff members who experience symptoms of Covid-19 must self-isolate, notify the RCM using the Covid self-reporting form and book a test.

Complete Covid self-reporting form

In the instance of confirmed or suspected cases, the RCM will communicate with individuals directly. No wider communications will be sent to the College community. Students and staff who are self-isolating will be fully supported by the RCM.

If there are several confirmed cases at the College, action may be taken to further reduce activity on campus. Operational changes will be communicated via RCM Notices so please continue to check your College email.

What should I do if I have Covid-19 symptoms?

If you experience symptoms of Covid-19, you should take the following steps as promptly as possible:

If you think another student or member of staff might have symptoms, you should encourage them to do the same.

Complete Covid self-reporting form


Government guidance requires that anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19, however mild, or anyone who has received a positive test result, must self-isolate.

If a member of your household experiences symptoms or has a positive Covid-19 test, all members of that household must self-isolate for 14 days, unless they receive a negative test result and isolating is no longer necessary.

Those who have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms should also self-isolate if advised to do so by NHS Test & Trace, unless they receive a negative test result. Close contact means:

  • direct close contacts – face-to-face contact with an infected individual for any length of time, within 1 meter, including being coughed on, a face-to-face conversation, or unprotected physical contact (skin-to-skin)
  • proximity contacts - extended close contact (within 1 to 2 meters for more than 15 minutes) with an infected individual
  • travelling in a small vehicle, like a car, with an infected person


You must complete the RCM Covid self-reporting form.

This means we can take prompt action to request any additional cleaning, notify household members and provide support. This also means we will have early awareness of possible and confirmed cases, and can put in place additional measures if needed.

Complete Covid self-reporting form


If you think you have Covid-19, you should book a free test through the NHS. If you drive, you will be directed to the NHS drive-in testing facility. For those who do not drive, the NHS will mail you a self-testing kit.

You should continue isolating while waiting for your test results.

The Royal College of Music has undertaken all necessary risk assessments for reopening the RCM, maintaining social distancing and other public safety measures.

Further questions

The JD team work from Tuesdays to Saturdays during term time and Monday to Friday in vacations. Any queries should be sent to the JD team at If you would prefer to speak with someone on the telephone, please ring 020 7591 4334.

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The facade of the RCM's Blomfield Building on a sunny day