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A personal message from the Director

Professor Colin Lawson teaching an RCM student
The Royal College of Music is a truly international conservatoire that attracts the world's finest musicians from Europe and beyond. 

As Director of the RCM I am immensely proud of our diverse community of students and staff. Their exceptional talent and creativity makes a huge contribution to daily life at the RCM and ensures that the College continues to be recognised as a world-class conservatoire. Now more than ever, the RCM's internationalism reminds me that music is a language that has the power to transcend borders and this inspires me to look beyond the current uncertainty of the next few months and focus on the RCM's long-term vision; to continue to demonstrate our connections to Europe and the rest of the world, strengthen our international partnerships and create opportunities for cultural exchange.

The RCM was founded on the principle that world-class music education should be available to anyone with the talent and potential to succeed, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. Throughout our 135 year history the College has upheld this ethos - welcoming, nurturing and training the best and most promising talent from around the globe. More than 50% of full-time students receive some financial support, thanks to the generosity of individuals, legators, companies and charitable trusts. This support is extended to our many international students, ensuring that financial means are not a barrier in achieving musical excellence. 

Since the result of the EU referendum was announced, we have worked closely with Universities UK and Conservatoires UK and will continue to lobby zealously for the best representation of EU students, now and in the future.

I give my assurance that what won't ever change is the quality of the RCM's training, our unrivalled performance opportunities and our support for and commitment to European students. Our £40 million investment in the College, including two new performance spaces and a new RCM Museum, is the latest example of the RCM's investment in its world-class student facilities.

Musicians are naturally adaptable and collaborative and I am certain that together we can face these challenges and emerge stronger than before.  All of us here at the Royal College of Music in London will be working hard to ensure the RCM remains the number one choice for talented musicians from all over the world.

Professor Colin Lawson CBE FRCM

Supported by the Royal College of Music’s Directorate:

Kevin Porter
Deputy Director

Aida Berhamovic
Director of Estates

Lily Harriss
Director of Development & Alumni Engagement

Talia Hull
Director of Communications

Stephen Johns
Artistic Director

Rachel Harris
Director of Finance

Diana Salazar
Director of Programmes

And the RCM’s Heads of Faculty: 

Nigel Black
Head of Brass

William Mival
Head of Composition

Toby Purser
Head of Conducting

Professor Ashley Solomon
Chair and Head of Historical Performance

Professor Vanessa Latarche
Head of Keyboard and Chair of International Keyboard Studies

David Hockings
Head of Percussion

Mark Messenger
Head of Strings

Nick Sears
Head of Vocal Studies

Simon Channing
Head of Woodwind