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Contact RCMJD

Junior Department guitarist
If you have any questions about studying at the RCM Junior Department at the RCM, please contact us. 

Our administrative staff are:

Head of Junior Programmes
Miranda Francis

Assistant Head of Junior Programmes
Ben Storey

Gill Redfern

Performance Manager
John Mitchell

Administrative Coordinator
Connor Stanford

Before contacting us about admissions please ensure that you have read all the information available on this website, or downloaded and read our information brochure. 

RCM Junior Department

General enquiries

+44(0)20 7591 4334 (11am-3pm Tues to Fri)

Opening Hours 

Please note that the RCMJD is closed on Mondays and Sundays. Telephones are answered 11am-3pm Tuesday to Friday, and term-time Saturdays 8am-5pm.

Note to musical advertisers

If you would like to send us information about your music course, concert, festival or musical instrument for sale in order for us to advertise it to our students and teachers you are welcome to do so. However, we advertise opportunities via our noticeboards so please send us one piece of printed advertising material only. We have no leaflet racks and will recycle any additional leaflets sent to us. Where there is more advertising than space on our boards we will prioritise the opportunities we feel are most relevant to our students.

We do not usually forward emails to students/teachers and may not have the resources to colour-print your advertisement if emailed as an attachment.