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Junior Department students laughing in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

Student absence

Details of planned absences should be submitted, in writing (via, to the Head of Junior Programmes at least four weeks in advance. On the basis that your absence is approved, you will be asked to notify your teachers directly.

In the case of absence due to illness or other emergency on a Saturday, the JD office must be informed by phone (020 7591 4334 – you should leave a voicemail message explaining the situation if you are unable to speak directly to a member of JD staff) or email (

Repeated absence constrains the progress of ensembles and may limit chances for continued participation in group work. Junior Department rehearsals and performances must take priority over outside events and JD administrative staff reserve the right to withdraw students from a performance if they have been absent for three or more rehearsals per term.

JD Regulations require students’ attendance at all timetabled lessons and rehearsals. Permission to be excused from any aspect of the curriculum can only be granted by a member of JD administrative staff, and will be granted only where truly necessary.

If a JD assessment or competition clashes with your usual timetable (though we try to avoid this where possible) you may presume that the competition or assessment time scheduled for you takes priority over your usual Saturday timetable. The schedule of assessment/competition will be published via the JD noticeboards, but it is also expected that you will also excuse yourself to your teachers/tutors in advance from your scheduled lesson(s).

Teacher absence

Use of Deputies. Occasionally it is necessary for teachers to use deputies: it is understood that this will be kept to a minimum, and that deputies will be drawn from a list approved by the Head of Junior Programmes.

Make-up Day (the eleventh Saturday of each term) is used by teachers who have missed lessons without providing a deputy, to make up their quota of lessons.

NB teachers are not obliged to make-up lessons missed due to student absence.

JD teachers are contracted to give 30 lessons per year. If you believe that you have not received your full allocation of lessons during an academic year, you must please first discuss this directly with the teacher concerned. Only after that should you contact the JD office.