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Food & drink

A Junior Department piccolo player in rehearsal

Food & drink

You may bring your own food and drink to JD, or you can use the RCM Restaurant (South Building), which is open on Saturdays from 8am to 4.30pm (the seating area stays open until 5pm).

Breakfast 8am to 10am

Lunch 12pm to 2pm

Hot snacks 10am to 3pm

All-day café 8am to 4.30pm

You can find water fountains on most floors of the RCM buildings.

We would ask you not to take food or drink into the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Recording Studios, or Room S303 (multimedia room) please.

If you have no food and no money to buy any, please do not just go without food. It is most important that you have sufficient food and drink to get you through the day so if, for whatever reason, you haven’t got food or the ability to buy it, come to the Registry and we will help.