Provenance - Creators and Custodians

Trustees of the New Berlioz Edition
Date Range: 1964 - 2004

Administrative organisation

Through most of its history the main editorial work of the Edition was supervised by a variously titled Editorial Committee or Board (to whom the General Editor was responsible), while the overall administrative and financial responsibility for the project was, from 1967, in the hands of the New Berlioz Edition Trust. The General Secretary provided administrative support to both Boards. The Trust,through various fund-raising strategites, provided the resources necessary for the editorial process; Bärenreiter -Verlag was solely responsible for the production of volumes. The Trust received no income from the publication of the volumes.

Editorial organisation

Following the award of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grant in December 1964 the Editorial Commtitee ordered copies of all the primary source materials needed for the edition in the form of microfilms, photocopies and some original editions.

Once a volume had been assigned to an editor, the relevant copies were passed over, together with any relevant additional information, and a copy of the Instructions to Editors. The edited text, together with the Foreword and Critical Notes would be sent, when complete, to the General Editor who would check the whole volume, and bring it into line with house style before sending it to Bärenreiter for printing. The early volumes were engraved in Germany, but such work was transferred to Hungary in the 1970s and from the 1980s the texts were computer-set in South Korea (changes that contributed to the loss of momentum in the schedule). Two sets of proofs would normally be seen by the volume editor and the General Editor.

Following the appointment of Ian Rumbold as a full time research assistant in 1987 this pattern was modified: he would typically locate and supply the editor with any primary sources not already in the archive, copy edit the edited text, proof read and collate the corrections from all those involved in proof-reading, and order photographs for all facsimiles required for publication.

Notes compiled by Paul Banks

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