What a life  


Share your Stories

Singing a Song in a Foreign Land forms part of Project ESTHER in partnership with Jeunesse Musicale Schwerin, Exil Arte Vienna and Pro Quartet Paris.

As a part of the project we would be interested in hearing your stories concerning music and emigration. Please email us your stories and selected quotes will appear on this page.


"The concert was undoubtedly the highlight of the Schwerin Festival. And I have said as much to many people!"
Eva Fox-Gál, Hans Gál Society, Edinburgh on What a Life! in Schwerin (September 2012)

"I want to congratulate you on a very fine concert this evening. The programme was so strong and very beautifully played and sung. I hope we will hear more of it. The 17 or 18 musicians who have learned this repertoire have I am sure been moved by it and lets hope they will want to keep it in their repertoires."
Geraldine Auerbach MBE, International Centre for Suppressed Music on Music for String Quartet and Voice at the RCM (April 2013)

"I’d expected to find it interesting, but had not really expected to be so moved – by the stories, and by the music the talented young people made." 
Jane Cook