Dr Gerardo Gozzi

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Gerardo Gozzi is a composer, educator, performer, and conductor. 

His music is characterised by the use of microtonality, extended techniques and complex timbres. It stems from close collaborations with colleague performers and his own practice on clarinet and saxophone.

Gerardo's research in composition focuses on exploring the concept of ‘spatial mental projection’ in the listener’s inner representation of the external world. Drawing from psychoacoustics while examining interactions between sound and space, his music uses orchestration and instrumentation techniques that convey an illusory spatial perception. Three-dimensional “sound sculptures” can emerge from instrumental/vocal extended techniques, the filtering and layering of sound sources, the performers' use of gestural space, and the propagation of soundwaves in reverberant acoustics. Find out more about Gerardo's research.

His music has been performed in prestigious festivals and venues worldwide, by internationally acclaimed soloists and ensembles as Talea (New York), Exaudi (London), Ensemble InterContemporain (Paris), Divertimento (Milan), Fractales (Brussels), Duo Ebano (Amsterdam), among others.

Gerardo holds a PhD in Composition from the Royal Academy of Music. Prior to that, he studied composition and orchestral conducting at the RCM and the Academia Musicale Chigiana in Siena (Italy). His composition mentors have been Azio Corghi, Stefano Gervasoni, Dai Fujikura, Simon Bainbridge, Oliver Knussen and Pierluigi Billone.

Gerardo has taught at the RCM since 2018, and is the Area Leader for Creative Musicianship and Improvisation. 
While his current research is dedicated to new approaches to composition and improvisation, he has a strong background in historical techniques. At the RCM he teaches modules in Stylistic Composition, Improvisation, and Creative Musicianship.

He is also the Artistic co-Director of new music group Ensemble Resilience (Amsterdam).

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Selected compositions

The underwater life of a bass clarinet (2020) for prepared bass clarinet and MPE-controlled live. electronics

Homo Sapiens, all-too-sapiens (2019) for viola, bass flute and flugelhorn.

Time Loom (2018) for violin performed live and on pre-recorded fragments.

Neutrinos visiting (2017) for clarinet and orchestra.

The mind is the cave (2017) for acting horn player in a resonant space.

La porte de l’enfer (2016) for 6 voices and instrumental ensemble.

A` travers le verre du temps (2016) for violin, cello, clarinet and piano.

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Dr Gerardo Gozzi

Doctoral Supervisor, Academic Programmes professor, Area Leader in Creative Musicianship & Improvisation


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