A headshot of Eric Whitacre, a white man with light brown shoulder length hair, wearing a denim jacket, smiling at the camera.

Video feature Spring 2023

Watch: Eric Whitacre – 'There's such power in just saying yes'

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Grammy Award–winning composer, conductor, pioneer of the Virtual Choir and public speaker – Eric Whitacre is one of today’s most frequently performed contemporary composers and has enjoyed a diverse career spanning over two decades.

In February, he took up the position of Ambassador for RCM Creative Careers, through which he will work closely with RCM students and graduates on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation and self-promotion.

Eric spoke to Upbeat about his plans for the role with the Creative Careers Centre, as well as the bold decisions – and the challenges along the way – that have shaped his career.


Eric Whitacre’s works include Deep Field which became the foundation for a collaboration with NASA, the Space Telescope Science Institute and 59 Productions. His ground-breaking Virtual Choirs united 100,000 singers from more than 145 countries, and he has given keynote addresses for many educational and global institutions including the influential TED conference.

Photo: Marc Royce




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