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Pre-screening at overseas audition venues

Close up image of hands playing the piano
Due to high demand for audition slots at the RCM’s overseas venues, performers wishing to audition in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York are required to submit a pre-screening video audition as the first round of the assessment process. Performers applying to audition in London are not required to submit a pre-screening video.

Videos should be submitted at the same time as you complete your UCAS Conservatoires application form, and at the latest by the application deadline.

Videos will be reviewed after the application deadline and performers who are shortlisted will be invited to a live audition at their selected venue. There is no additional assessment fee for applicants invited to the live audition round.

Please note that arrangements for the RCM’s overseas auditions may be subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. If you have already submitted a pre-screening video and you are no longer able to attend a live audition at one of our overseas venues, or if the RCM decides it cannot hold live auditions at your chosen venue, your pre-screening video will be used as your video audition. You will not need to submit another video. Video auditions are assessed on the basis of the video submission and UCAS Conservatoires application; there is no live interview or second round.


  • Recordings must be a genuine performance by you.
  • Videos should be of a recent performance, lasting approximately 20 minutes in total.

  • The repertoire requirements for pre-screening are the same as for live audition. Please refer to the audition requirements stipulated by the relevant faculty.
  • Audition pieces that are written with accompaniment must be accompanied in the video.


  • Audio only recordings will not be accepted.
  • Videos should not be edited or have any effects added.
  • Individual excerpts should be uploaded as separate files.
  • Make sure that you clearly label the files with the composer, work and movement.
  • Each uploaded video file should not exceed 4GB. Acceptable file formats include MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, FLV, WEBM, MKV, M2V. Alternatively, you can upload links to YouTube.

Tips for preparing a good recording

  • Your video constitutes the first stage of your assessment, so make sure that you are satisfied that it showcases you to the best of your ability.
  • You may find it helpful to practice recording yourself and review your performance before filming your final video.
  • Film your video in a well-lit location, with your camera placed on a stable surface.

  • There are no dress requirements, but you should look professional.
  • Make sure the reviewers can see what you are doing! For example, for pianists it is important that your fingers can be seen.
  • Check the quality of your recording carefully before submission.

Submitting your recording

You should submit your recording online via the RCM submission portal by 15 November 2020 (applicants for Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York).

Submit your video