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Applying for more than one course

Cellist talking in the wings of the Britten Theatre
Some applicants may want to be considered for more than one course, more than one principal study specialism or may be unsure which course best suits their academic background. 

In most cases is is only necessary for candidates to submit one application, even if they want to be considered for more than one course, since most applicants will only have one audition.

Every student undertakes principal study in their main specialism, which lies at the heart of their RCM experience. Some courses provide the opportunity for students to broaden the scope of their tuition through additional study options, which include second study and joint principal study. These are study options and not separate courses, so you only need to make one application.

Additional study options incur extra tuition and increase workload demands. Therefore we only allow students to pursue these options on courses that can comfortably accommodate them. Check the listing for the course you are interested in to see if second or joint principal study are available.

Multiple courses

It is not possible to study on two separate courses at the same time. However, it is possible to be considered for more than one course during the application and audition process. This is especially useful if you are unsure which course is best suited for you.

If you have a non-traditional academic background and need more advice about the level of course you should choose, you are welcome to contact our Admissions team.


Admissions and general audition enquiries

Combinations requiring multiple applications

The only candidates who need to make two separate applications are composers who wish to be considered for both Composition and Composition for Screen at Masters level (MComp or MMus).

These are completely different programmes with different admissions procedures, therefore two completely separate interviews with different panels, so candidates should submit two applications.

Combinations requiring only one application

Candidates wishing to be considered for any other combination of courses should only submit one application. If you submit two applications you will be charged twice.

We advise that you apply for whichever course has the higher entry requirements. If the audition panel considers that you would be better suited to another course, they may offer you a place on that course instead. You can mention in your personal statement and at audition that you would like to be considered for two courses.

For example, singers who are unsure whether they should apply for the Graduate Diploma in Vocal Performance or our masters programme (see below) should submit just one application for the Masters.

The RCM Masters programme

The RCM's Masters programme for performers and composers offers two different study routes, which lead to different degree qualifications.

The Master of Performance (MPerf) and Master of Composition (MComp) route develops your performance or composition skills to a high professional level through intensive training.

The Master of Music (MMus) route augments MPerf/MComp study with two additional research-led modules, which are designed to train your critical, analytical and research skills, as well as your ability to express yourself verbally to a high level. Owing to the additional emphasis on research, the MMus is a more intensive undertaking that also requires an ability to speak and write confidently in English.

If you are not sure which Masters qualification is best for you, please only submit one application. We recommend applying for the MMus initially, which has higher academic entry requirements. You are then welcome to discuss your options at your audition. You may be accepted on the MPerf/MComp route instead.

If you are offered a place on the MMus and, prior to beginning your studies, decide the MPerf/MComp better suits your interests, you can switch routes. You may also be able to transfer from the MMus to the MPerf/MComp route when you start the Masters Programme in September, although we recommended making a final decision before arriving at the RCM, especially if you require a Tier 4 to study in the UK.