Student stories

Melissa Ong
Melissa Ong, RCM student from Singapore.

The RCM is an exceptional place to study. It is recognised as a world-class centre for both performance and research. It is an institution that I trust implicitly to nurture my musical development by encouraging me to work across theory and practice.

The RCM is home to a wide range of current and important research. I particularly enjoy the regular seminar series Music and Ideas, and performing in the pioneering performance simulator.

I have been involved in the Evolve Scheme, run in conjunction with the English National Opera, which gave me the profoundly inspiring experience of performing alongside some of the world’s leading orchestral players. I was also able to hone my leadership skills as principal cellist of RCM orchestras.

I valued the opportunity to undertake studies on Baroque cello, and to expand my horizons by performing with RCM’s contemporary consort, Consort 21. My studies in this field have completely altered the way I listen to music.

I have also been involved with RCM Sparks, which is the RCM’s fantastic learning and participation programme. I have conducted and led workshops for the BBC Proms Family Orchestra and Chorus. Such engagement with the general public is something I care about deeply. Helping others find the same joy that I find in music is a wonderfully rewarding experience.

What I appreciate most however, is the healthy network of support among RCM staff and my peers. The diversity of the RCM will allow you to pursue whatever interests you have with the support you need.


Wilford Goh
Wilford Goh, RCM student from Singapore.

I knew of the Royal College of Music’s reputation many years before coming here, and my experience so far has only enhanced my impression of this world-class conservatoire. Since coming to the RCM, my development as a pianist, violinist, and overall musician has been exponential. The opportunities for me to learn from the best professors around has given me exposure to a huge resource of knowledge and experience to draw from.

I look forward to every lesson each week, be it instrumental or academic, because I know that there will be something new to learn, and something that will help propel me to the next level as a musician. The RCM’s resources certainly bolster our learning – from the extensive library collections and state-of-the-art recording equipment at our disposal, to the performance opportunities available to us both through school activities as well as the Creative Careers Centre. It’s location in the very heart of London, arguably one of the most important musical centres of the world, could not be any better.

But perhaps one of the most attractive things about the RCM is its supportive environment, especially among students. As much as I have learnt from my teachers, I have learnt a great deal from working with my fellow friends and colleagues. Be it in chamber music rehearsals or in classes, everyone is always encouraging to one another, and criticism always constructive – a rare quality in this highly competitive world.

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