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RCM-NAFA degree programme

The Royal College of Music and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) work in collaboration to offer an undergraduate degree programme for students studying in Singapore.

The RCM-NAFA degree is a two-year programme designed to be taken after completing NAFA's three-year Diploma in Music. The programme is identical to years three and four of the Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree taken by RCM students in London and provides the same education for world-class practice-based musicians.

All students on the RCM-NAFA degree focus on a principal study specialism alongside a variety of other options. Uniquely, students are able to choose Chinese instruments for principal study, allowing them to engage at a high level with the rich musical traditions of Singapore.

In the second year of the programme - equivalent to year four of the RCM's BMus degree - students undertake an international placement.

Those studying western instruments will spend seven weeks in London at the Royal College of Music, enabling NAFA students to immerse themselves in London’s exceptional cultural life while undergoing an intensive period of study with RCM professors and having the chance to play a full part in the RCM’s performance programme.

NAFA students studying Chinese instruments will spend 10 weeks at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, benefitting from the specialist skills and facilities offered there.

The RCM-NAFA programme is generously supported by the Singaporean government, enabling talented Singaporean musicians to develop and to and build their careers, be it as performers, composers, educators or musical entrepreneurs, and in so doing to sustain and build on the thriving and growing musical life of Singapore and Southeast Asia. When the programme launched in 2011 it was the first time in the RCM’s prestigious 130-year history that its degrees were awarded outside the United Kingdom.

How to apply

Because students on this programme are based at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, all applications are made through the NAFA website. All applicants will be auditioned.

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