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Shiva Feshareki

Born in London in 1987, Shiva won the BBC Proms/Guardian Young Composer of the Year 2004, with her first penned composition. With electronics, she focuses on analogue and bespoke electrics that generate 'real' and pure sounds of electricity, over computer products. With acoustic instruments, Shiva is concerned with the interaction of tone, orchestration, texture, architecture, movement and space. She also works closely with records, sound-manipulation, sampling and turntables. Sampling through turntable-manipulation is an important part of hercompositional practise as it allows me to give a respectful nod to history. At the same time, the samples within one piece of Shiva's are ever-changing depending on performance, context, performer, or the time in which the piece is being performed. This means the same composition is always moving and evolving with time, place and people, and has a specific meaning to that moment in time or that occasion. Therefore, Shiva's music is constructed not only through the physical movement within space, but the linear movement through time.

Shiva is a scholarship graduate of the Royal College of Music under Mark-Anthony Turnage and is currently a doctoral researcher with the generous support of the Douglas & Hilda Simmonds Award.  As a researcher, Shiva will be writing her first book chapter on Daphne Oram’ s Still Point with James Bulley published by Oxford University Press.  Summer projects include a large-scale orchestral work for the London Contemporary Orchestra in the U.K and the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Denmark.  Furthermore, she is director for a concert occurring in a cave in the peak district. For this, she commissioned a new acoustic piece by electronic music pioneer Eliane Radigue, as well as a world premiere from established electronic music producer/DJ Lee Gamble, who will be composing his first acoustic composition, for the London Contemporary Orchestra. 

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Shiva Feshareki

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