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Barbara Gentili

Barbara's research is focused on the impact of verismo opera on the late-19th century Italian vocal tradition. This project is informed by her own experience as an opera singers actively performing roles from Italian verismo repertoire as well as Italian and French romantic operas.   She is a part of the GTA scheme for the 2017/2018 academic year and teaches singing in two independent schools in South London and Hertfordshire.   Barbara has written for the Spectator Magazine, Opera Magazine and Il Giornale della Musica.  Her publications include: 'Early 78s, celebrities of the Italian operatic tradition and audiences' within the 2015 LED (Listening Experience Database — a project of the Open University) conference (October 2017 anticipated)  'Defining highly characterised vocal types in the context of building a national identity in late-19th century Italian opera' within DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) conference (Istanbul: Bilsas, 2016) 

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Historical and Source Studies


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Richard Wistreich


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Barbara Gentili

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