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Lisa Finnis

Lisa Illean Finnis is a composer of acoustic and acousmatic music. Her music has been described as "exquisitely quiet shadows shaded with microtunings" (The Sydney Morning Herald) and "a compelling exercise in stillness and quietude" (The Australian). Works span pieces written for orchestra to those commissioned for new, prepared or adapted instruments, and sound works conceived for unique spaces.

Her ensemble works have been performed internationally, across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, in venues ranging from Royal Festival Hall to Carriageworks’ industrial bays in Sydney. Lisa has been commissioned to compose works for Sydney Symphony Orchestra, BBC Proms, Philharmonia Orchestra, the Arts Centre, Melbourne, and Radio France.

Her research arises out of her work with non-tempered tuning systems, playing close attention to sonority, subtly unfolding harmonic forms, auditory phenomena and perspective.

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