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Yang Liu

Yang Liu is a Chinese composer who came to England to study composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire in 2006, under the tuition of Joe Cutler, Richard Causton and Andrew Glover.

In 2008, Yang won the Philip Bates Contemporary Song Prize in Birmingham. He studied his Master and DMus course of composition in Royal College of Music since 2010. During this period, he received many commissions such as BCMG, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Variable Geometry Ensemble, and Contemporary Music in Action project.

In 2012, Yang's piano solo piece Rain Air was select in the final round of Mauricio Kagel composition competition‏ in Vienna. He was also selected as the finalist of Bruno Maderna International Composers’ Competition in 2017, and his new work Sun Moon Consonance II will be performed by Phoenix Quartet Lviv in Ukraine.

His composition study is under the supervision of Jonathan Cole, Michael Oliva, and Haris Kittos . He is currently in his writing up year of his DMus degree, and was a RCM Scholar supported by 'McFazdean Whyte Award’. The topic of his doctoral research would be 'An Exploration towards the enrichment of my personal musical language in composing'.  As a DMus composer, 'writing contemporary music in a Chinese spirit' is the area in which Yang is mostly interested and he is trying to make it as one of the most important characters in his future composing. 

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Yang Liu

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