Amadeus Quartet

Amadeus Quartet 1958 copyright Sydney Morning Herald
The Amadeus Quartet was one of the most important string quartets of the twentieth century. Three of the 4 players were Viennese émigrés who moved to the UK to avoid persecution from the Nazis. They first met while they were held as enemy aliens in various internment camps across the UK, most notably in the Isle of Man.

During the war years were trained in London by the violin pedagogue, Max Rostal. Performing together for 40 years, they disbanded in 1987 following the death of their violist, Peter Schidlof.

Norbert Brainin
Violinist, born 12 March 1923 in Vienna, died April 10 2005 in London

Siegmund Nissel
Violinist, born 3 January 1922 in Munich to an Austrian family, died 21 May 2008 in London

Peter Schidlof
Violist, violinist, born 9 July 1922 in Göllersdorf, Austria, died 15 August 1987 in Sunderland, UK

Martin Lovett
Cellist, born 3 Febuary 1927 in London, died 29 April 2020 in London

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Photo: Amadeus Quartet 1958, credit Sydney Morning Herald

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