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Walter Goehr

Walter Goehr, credit family archive Julia Crockatt
Conductor; born 1903 in Berlin, died 4 December 1960 in Sheffield.


The conductor Walter Goehr was born in Berlin in 1903, where he was later a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg. He became a conductor at the Berliner Rundfunk between 1925 and 1931, emigrating to the United Kingdom in 1933.

Between 1933 and 1939 he was a conductor and music director of Columbia Records. In 1942 Goehr became a conductor, composer and arranger for the BBC, and from 1943 was on the staff at Morley College in London.

He also conducted the UK premiere of Olivier Messiaen's Turangalîla-Symphonie in 1953. Walter died in City Hall, Sheffield, on December 4th 1960, immediately after conducting a performance of Handel's Messiah. Walter's son, Alexander Goehr, is a composer living in the United Kingdom.

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Photo: Walter Goehr, credit Julia Crockatt - family archive.