Hans Peter Wallfisch

Peter Wallfisch credit Wallfisch family archive
Pianist; born 20 October 1924 in Breslau, died 10 November 1993 in London.


The pianist Hans Peter Wallfisch was born in Breslau in 1924. In 1938 he was able to escape Nazi persecution and get to safety in Palestine where he was at first a student, and then teacher at the Jerusalem Conservatoire. From 1946 until 1949 Wallfisch studied in Paris with Marguerite Long. In 1951 he settled in the United Kingdom, marrying the cellist Anita Lasker in 1952. He enjoyed an active concert career which encompassed North and South America, the Middle and Far East, but predominantly Europe. In 1973 Wallfisch became a Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music where he remained until 1991. He died in 1993 in London, having suffered a stroke two years previously.

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Photo: Peter Wallfisch, credit Wallfisch family archive

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