English language requirements

The Royal College of Music requires all international students to prove they can communicate in English. If you require a Student visa, the RCM is required to state on your CAS how you met the English language requirement for entry.

The RCM’s entry requirements currently comply with the minimum English levels set by UKVI for Student visa applications. For some courses, such as the MMus, the RCM's English language requirements are higher than the CEFR B2 level set by UKVI. UKVI regularly reviews the English requirements for Student visas, and in the event of any change, visa nationals will be required to meet both the RCM and UKVI minimum requirements to obtain a visa for their course.

The RCM is not permitted to issue you with a CAS until you have provided evidence that you meet the required standard for your course. Most students prove this by sending the RCM an IELTS certificate, or other acceptable language qualification, although there are some other ways to meet the requirements.

You should check the English language requirements for your course and accepted forms of evidence carefully.

Filling out your Student visa application

Because the RCM is a Student visa sponsor with a track record of compliance, you are not required to submit any English language certificates to UKVI with your visa application. However, the RCM is required to provide details of the evidence you have submitted on your CAS, and must retain a copy on your student file for inspection.

We recommend that you do not submit copies of your English qualifications to UKVI 'to be on the safe side'. Doing so may cause confusion and delay your visa application.

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