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Margaret Ogonovsky began playing the flute in 1960 when she joined the RCM Junior Department as a Junior Exhibitioner on piano. Her flute teachers included Robert Dawes, Graham Mayger and Elizabeth Bowes; her piano teacher was Dorothea Aspinall. In 1967 she began the GRSM course at the RCM, studying flute with John Francis, then Christopher Hyde-Smith; she learnt the organ for one year with Richard Popplewell, then returned to piano with Dorothea Aspinall. After a post-graduate year, she freelanced with various orchestras including the CBSO, Festival Ballet, the Ulster Orchestra, the Bournemouth SO and the London Concert Orchestra. She also worked with Welsh National Opera from 1975 to 1976. In 1977 she married Philip Box, horn teacher and coach at the RCMJD.

Margaret has taught the flute since 1969, at schools including Surbiton High School, Croydon High School and Dulwich College Prep School, Cranbrook, and at the Roehampton Institute for Higher Education 1977-1993, Currently she teaches at RCMJD, Westminster Abbey Choir School, and privately; at present, the age range of her pupils is 8 to 70. She deputised at JD 1976-1981 and joined the staff in 1981. Her most successful JD pupil (to date!) is Emily Beynon, principal flute of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1995.

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