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Danielle Salamon has been nurturing talented students through the Junior Department (and elsewhere) these last 20 years. She is a very committed teacher as well as being an experienced recitalist both as soloist and in ensemble. Her work in supporting other piano teachers has taken her as far as Australia and New Zealand on tours in 2009 and in 2012 where she gave many lecture recitals and presentations on various aspects of piano technique and repertoire.

She is much in demand as piano teacher and musician and takes a particular interest in the training and development of gifted young players. She has been a winner of the Mozart Memorial Prize, and Convocation Pianist in Residence at the University of Sheffield where she worked closely with the Lindsay String Quartet. Other musical activities have included accompanying singers and instrumentalists, examining for the ABRSM, adjudicating and presenting weekend courses on the lives and work of various great composers.

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