Preparing for the profession

The woodwind section of the RCM Symphony Orchestra performing in a concert
The Royal College of Music is committed to helping all of its students prepare for a successful career. By making use of advice, support and access to a range of job opportunities, RCM students develop skills, understanding and contacts that increase their confidence and employability.

London has one of the world’s most vibrant classical music scenes and the RCM is at the heart of an extraordinary professional network. Agents, publishers and bookers often attend our events. For orchestral musicians we offer side-by-side ‘sit-in’ schemes with several major orchestras, composers participate in innovative projects at some of London’s most prestigious venues and our singers frequently perform on some of the world's greatest operatic stages including the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and Metropolitan Opera.

Employable students

In a recent Higher Education Statistics Agency survey (2021), of the RCM alumni who graduated in 2019, 86% of survey respondents had moved into employment or further study 15 months after graduating.

Higher Education Statistics Agency Survey (2021)

Creative Careers Centre

The RCM’s Creative Careers Centre, which is recognised internationally for its innovative approach to supporting young musicians, provides an unparalleled service to current students and recent alumni. The dedicated team partners with leading consultants, reputable arts organisations and local communities, delivering unique career-building opportunities and a direct route to the music industry.

The work of the Creative Careers Centre allows students to discover their professional identity, gain hands-on experience and new skills, develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and build a fulfilling professional portfolio.

Extensive performance and teaching opportunities are available, as well as valuable guidance on CV and biography writing, concert programming, communication skills, project management, marketing and publicity, online promotion, financial matters and how to develop a business idea.

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The right training

Our professors are exceptional teachers. Many of them also work as professional performers, composers, conductors, critics, artistic directors, educators and administrators. They understand what it takes to succeed and are able to pass on their knowledge and contacts to their students.

Our courses allow students to develop key practical skills in addition to their principal study and other core activities. Modules are available to learn how to strategically develop creative ideas, marketing materials and networking skills, as well as modules for growing as a music leader.

Share your passion

Our learning and participation programme, RCM Sparks, offers invaluable experience of working with families and young people. Participating students are provided with comprehensive training, which also equips them with the tools to take on diverse roles in their future professional lives.

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The Music Man Project

Enjoy a brief glimpse of this exciting collaboration, in which RCM students received training in workshop leadership and adults with learning disabilities explored a rich variety of musical activities.

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