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Ivan Hewett

MA Oxon

Ivan Hewett has worked in music for more than 30 years as lecturer, promoter, broadcaster and journalist. He has an MA from the University of Oxford.

Since 2002 he has been a critic and writer for the Daily Telegraph, where he is now Chief Music Critic, and is an Academic Professor at the Royal College of Music.  He is particularly interested in issues around the creation and reception of contemporary music, and the workings of contemporary harmony.  He contributed a chapter to The New History of the Proms, published by Thames and Hudson, and has also written a chapter for a book examining the varieties of ‘classical’ music around the world, published by Boydell and Brewer in 2016.  His book Healing the Rift, a meditation on the dilemmas of modern music, is published by Continuum.  

On 10th November 2017 Ivan presents at 'Will Campaigns Against Cultural Appropriation  Destroy The Arts?', one of the events for The Battle of Ideas 2017 open forum in London. 

Selected publications

Hewett I (2017, May), Notes from the edge [an assessment of Thomas Adès’s music], Prospect Magazine, 254, 71-73 [LINK].

Hewett I (2017), All in a chord [Five-part radio series on the musical and historical significance of five different chords], BBC Radio 3 [LINK]. 

Feshareki S & Hewett I (2016, April), Still Point: an unknown precursor of today's electronic music, paper presented at the Alternative Histories of Electronic Music Conference, Science Museum Research Centre, London.

Hewett I (2016, March), The path to total purity [an obituary assessment of Pierre Boulez] Prospect Magazine, 240, 76-79 [LINK].

Hewett I (2007), Joining the queue: audiences for the Proms, in J Doctor & D. Wright (eds.), The Proms: A New History (pp. 210-231), Thames & Hudson [ISBN 9780500513521].

Hewett I (2003), Music: Healing the Rift, Bloomsbury (originally Continuum), [ISBN 0-8264-5939-0].

Hewett I (2001), All too human? [a review of three books on musical aesthetics and criticism], Musical Times, 142 (1876), 43-47.

Hewett I (1998), A tract for the times [a review of Roger Scruton’s The Aesthetics of Music (OUP, 1997)] Musical Times, 139 (1863), 53-56.

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Latest Publications

Hewett, I. (2018) What the Classical devotees get wrong about modern music. Prospect Magazine, 270. ISSN 1359-5024


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