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Debi Graham

Debi is a doctoral student at the Royal College of Music, supervised by Professor Rosie Perkins and Dr Jessica Pitt.  Her research explores how parental singing with babies under six months can mediate the impacts of stressful and persistent infant crying (or colic).  With clear links in the research literature between infant crying and parental mental health, Debi explores universal and non-stigmatising musical approaches to support parents and little ones.  Debi received her Master’s degree in Play Therapy in 2009 and was awarded a distinction for her work exploring the use of lullabies and movement practices with first-time mothers.  This led to the creation and roll-out of the BABY BONDING programme; a gentle perinatal intervention now commissioned by the NHS in England and in several countries around the globe.   

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Performance Science

Health and Wellbeing


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Rosie Perkins

Jessica Pitt


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Debi Graham

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