Erwin Stein

Composer, editor and conductor; born 7th November, 1885 in Vienna, died 19 July, 1958 in London.


Mostly known for his close association with Arnold Schoenberg, Erwin Stein was born in Vienna, but like many other Jewish musicians, he emigrated to London in 1938. Having been forbidden to publish any further material and having lost his stockholdings in Universal Edition, Stein worked as an editor for Boosey & Hawkes, with his main focuses being on Britten, Schoenberg and Mahler. Prior to moving to London, Stein was well-respected as a conductor, music teacher and a writer and worked closely with Schoenberg in organising the 'Society for Private Musical Performances' and writing the first article for Neue Formprinzipien ('New Formal Principles'), in which the rules for the first form of the twelve-tone technique were described.

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