Eva Fox-Gal

In this interview, Eva Fox-Gal discusses the life and work of her father, Hans Gál, his family background and childhood in Vienna, his studies with Richard Robert, Guido Adler and Eusebius Mandyczewski, his early success as a composer before and the disruption caused by the First World War, his breakthrough as an opera composer, his tireless work as an editor and his appointment as the director of the Mainz Conservatoire in the twenties, as well as his emigration to Britain and internment on the Isle of Man.


Eva Fox Gál was born in Edinburgh in 1944. She studied modern languages at Edinburgh University and specialised in German. She worked as a lecturer at York University, where she taught German, English and French literature. She later also trained as a homeopath. Through her tireless work with the Hans Gál society she has been instrumental in the resurgence of interest in her father’s music in recent years.

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