Brahms in the Home

Tuesday 11 October 2011


In November 2011, the RCM hosted Brahms in the Home, an international conference on Brahms and the vital but little-explored facet of 19th-century music-making: performance in the home.

Distinguished researchers from Europe, the USA, Australia and the RCM convened at the RCM to explore the composer’s connection with domestic music, which was a crucial medium throughout the 19th-century and embraces an enormous array of repertoire. A range of wider issues was also discussed including the overlap between public and private venues (salons and chamber concerts), performance forces and source materials.

A concert series entitled Brahms and his Contemporaries ran alongside the conference from Wednesday 2 November to Tuesday 8 November and featured performances by RCM Director Colin Lawson and celebrated pianist Ashley Wass.

For more information on the conference and the concert series, please visit the RCM Brahms website.

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