Cyrill Ibrahim Speaks at Dutch Parliament

Monday 20 February 2017


RCM alumnus and pianist Cyrill Ibrahim was invited by the UK Embassy of the Netherlands to speak at the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Speaking about Brexit at the Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal on 1 February 2017, Cyrill highlighted the Royal College of Music’s long tradition of welcoming talented students from all over the world, who play an essential role in College life. He emphasised that the RCM is taking steps to ensure it remains a culturally diverse institution for generations to come. The Royal College of Music is recognised as a world-class conservatoire and its international community is a major contributor to this. The College continues to welcome worldwide applications for 2017 entry and beyond.

University professors, business leaders and government advisors were present during the speech, alongside the MPs of the European Commission of the Dutch Parliament. Cyrill Ibrahim spoke to several managers, unions, schools, concert halls and overseas individuals who are working in the UK to give an oversight of the current visa landscape and the creative industry views on Brexit. Using a case-study, he stressed the importance of considering a non-bureaucratic system for European freelance artists when the Brexit negotiations take place.

Cyrill Ibrahim commented: 'I am delighted that the Dutch Government was willing to listen to many individuals and experts to get a good overview of the possible implications of Brexit for different industries. As the creative sector is very vulnerable, I sincerely hope that in the negotiations the importance of freelance artists is being secured.'

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