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CNBC Meets: Lang Lang

Monday 16 December 2013


Students from the RCM Junior Department feature in a new TV documentary about the world-famous pianist Lang Lang.

CNBC Meets: Lang Lang” includes footage of Lang Lang’s piano masterclass in the RCM’s Britten Theatre on Saturday 16 November 2013, when he worked with pianists from the RCM Junior Department (RCMJD) and from Lang Lang Music World – his school for gifted pianists in Shenzhen, China.

In the film RCMJD students Anthony Tat and Domnic Doutney talk about the experience of working with Lang Lang, with Dominic commenting that “it’s great for a person like him to give back to the piano community, rather than just doing concerts for himself” and praising him for “helping young people out”.

Lang Lang also spoke to CNBC Meets about why teaching masterclasses is an important part of his life, saying that he feels all musicians with wonderful careers have a duty to give back to society.

The documentary is available to watch on the CNBC website now (with footage of the RCM from 07:16).