George Dyson: Composer Of The Week

Thursday 2 October 2014


This week, BBC Radio 3 has been showcasing the music of former Royal College of Music Director, Sir George Dyson, as its Composer Of The Week.

Celebrated composer, organist and teacher, George Dyson (1883-1964) studied and taught at the RCM for many years. He served in France during WWI, writing several pieces from the trenches - including his Sostenuto ed espressivo which can be seen on display in the RCM Museum of Music’s The RCM and WWI exhibit - and was author of the first manual on hand grenade use. He became Director of the RCM in 1938, insisting that the College remain open during WWII.

Each day from Monday 29 September to Friday 3 October, Donald Macleod, in the company of biographer Paul Spicer, has been exploring Dyson’s life and music from the RCM. Programmes have been broadcast from locations including the Parry Rooms, Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall and beside the War Memorial. 

Composer Of The Week is one of BBC Radio 3’s longest-running series, and lets audiences discover more about the lives and works of both celebrated and lesser-known composers. The producer of this edition was Luke Whitlock, RCM alumnus and former member of staff.

Find out more about the series on the Composer Of The Week website.

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