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In Praise of Conservatoires

Friday 19 October 2012


The Guardian newspaper has spoken out in praise of UK conservatoires, claiming that government ministers have a “responsibility to ensure future generations can enjoy music and dance” when considering higher education funding cuts.

The article, featured on 15 October as part of the Guardian’s In praise of… editorial series, reads:

“In their off-duty lives, George Osborne and Vince Cable appreciate the value of music. Both of them know that musicians and dancers need to be trained to reach the top. They also know that young artists need specialist conservatoire training which is, by its very nature, expensive (special facilities, instruments, one-to-one teaching). And they know that conservatoire funding is under threat because the Higher Education Funding Council for England has had its cash cut by 16% since 2010 and is now reviewing whether to continue the special funding on which conservatoires depend. The government accepts that conservatoires are unique institutions - close them and there is nowhere else for students to go. So Mr Osborne and Mr Cable also have a unique responsibility to ensure thriving conservatoires so that future generations can enjoy the music that has enriched their own lives.”

Read the article on the Guardian website