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2012 Rod Williams Memorial Concert

Tuesday 3 April 2012


The RCM was pleased to welcome Nigel Woolner and Keith Pickering, representatives of the Mills Williams Foundation, to a concert by the RCM Baroque Orchestra and Chamber choir on 16 March.

The current Mills Williams Junior Fellow, cellist Frédérique Legrand, was delighted to attend the event and be presented with the Mills Williams Medal, which Peter Mills commissioned for all recipients of the award.

Peter Mills established the Mills Williams award on the death of his life-long partner, Rod Williams, in 1995, with the aim of supporting music and young musicians. To date, the award has endowed 16 Mills Williams Junior Fellowships and continues to fund an annual concert at the RCM in memory of Rod Williams. Sadly Peter died in 2006 after a long battle against cancer. Happily, the Mills Williams Foundation lives on with the objective of supporting music and young musicians.